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New beginnings

It's a new year and a new presidency and, for me, still a somewhat new home. And it's time to bring my business back to life but with some changes so, in a way, a new business. Stay tuned, more on that soon!

In the meantime, I just have to say how lucky we are to have found this wonderful little town full of kind, compassionate people. When the chatter about the Women's March began after the election I considered traveling to DC and then backed off that plan and decided that I would take Veda to San Francisco where we could march with friends. Shortly after, I found out that a friend was helping organize a Sister March right here in Ashland and I knew immediately that I would stay and participate with my community and with my family. I offered to photograph the march and showed up a little early on Saturday to get a spot at the front. A sea of signs and pink hats began to gather. And then more people came. And then more. This seems to be the story from marches all across the world. So many were expected but so many more came. I started at the front of the march and then found a good spot and hung off to the side as people passed. I continued to be amazed at how many people had gathered in this little town of 21,000. All told the number hovers somewhere around 8,000! Amazing. It was just the beginning of something and I know that it will be difficult to sustain at times but I hope that we can continue to come together and fight for what we believe in.