Fung Yee + Harvey: San Francisco engagement session

Fung Yee and Harvey fed me yummy treats at Tartine when we first met so I suspected early on that I would like them a lot.  Then they showed up for their Golden Gate Park engagement session in Harvey's awesome vintage car and proceeded to feed me candy the entire time.  So now you know the way to my heart - if you are warm and funny and genuine and feed me delicious food then we'll be fast friends. We started off at the Conservatory of Flowers... Gorgeous, right?  As I was choosing these photos I couldn't seem to stop smiling.  These two just make my heart sing.  Next we got a few shots with Harvey's car...

And then we found a beautiful patch of sun and flowers next to Spreckels Lake... these are my absolute favorites.  (We also saw a gopher?  Chipmunk?  Something very cute burrowing a hole came out to say hello.)

I made Fung Yee and Harvey put on their serious faces...

The next one I liked in black and white and color and I couldn't decide which I liked better so here it is both ways...

We said our good-byes (to each other and to the gopher/chipmunk) just as the sun set.  Then I stole the rest of their candy and hauled butt to my car!

Fung Yee and Harvey are getting married at San Francisco City Hall (one of my absolute favorite wedding venues) in June and I can't wait to see what kind of treats they bring me!  Just kidding!  Or am I?

Christina + Michael: San Francisco engagement session

Christina and Michael decided to have their engagement session in one of their favorite spots - their neighborhood.  And it's a great neighborhood indeed.  Which one? you ask.  Well, after a discussion about San Francisco's many petite 'hoods, the conclusion was Corona Heights.  We walked up one of the many tucked away staircases... it was so green and beautiful... so Mediterranean.l. Then we headed up Tank Hill to take in some views.  The sun graced us with it's presence off and on which made the lighting a little challenging but well worth it.

Then back down the hill to their street where we dodged some cars and said our good-byes.  They just bought a cafe, by the way, so you SF locals should check it out - Kafe 99 sqft.  Awesome!  Thanks for a fun time, you two!