Workshops and one of my favorite photos

It's time for another Snap Happy Workshop!  My dear friend and fabulous photographer, Annie and I are offering a Sit and Learn workshop on June 27.  It's always fun, everyone learns and laughs and makes new friends and we keep you well fed and hydrated to boot!  If you're interested or know someone who is, visit the Snap Happy site and sign up.

And speaking of the super talented Annie, mosey on over to her site and see the cute, cute pic she took of my little photographer-to-be.  How awesome is that??

Keri + Russell = LOVE

I'm photographing Keri's sister's wedding in July and she contacted me a few months ago because she wanted some portraits of her and her husband, Russell.  There are about a million reasons I love my job but I really love when I fall into a little circle of awesome people.  Keri grew up with Natalie which is how Kristi found me and so on and so forth :-)  OK, let's get to the good stuff!  Keri and Russell met me at Crissy Field and it started raining the minute I left the house so I was ever so slightly worried that the weather wasn't going to cooperate.  Instead we totally scored some beautiful clouds and a very pretty sky!  Oh, right, the photos... Keri and Russell brought their 18 month old pup, Gus.  He was born on their wedding day - sweet!  Look at him go!

I had so much fun with these guys!  Afterward, we had a glass of wine and enjoyed the last bit of the day.  And I also found out that Russell owns a VW Type 181 (aka Thing) just like me!  Except his is a little nicer :-)  I'll see you two in July!

Tiffany + Conan: San Francisco engagement session

The weather in San Francisco has been really gorgeous as of late (though a little windy) and the weather gods and/or goddesses were definitely smiling on us the day of Tiffany and Conan's engagement session.  We met at the Embarcadero and I let them know that they should act natural and just cuddle and be affectionate as they normally would.  They let me know that wouldn't be a problem. As you can see, they are totally and completely smitten with each other.  After the Embarcadero we headed to Crissy Field.  I have a lot of favorites from this part of the session so bear with me.

A little goofing around and then we had a furry visitor stop by.

Some images work well in color and some are better in black and white but this was a tough call.  Luckily I don't have to choose!

And a final few moments on the beach.  Still laughing!

Tiffany and Conan are getting married at one of the most beautiful churches in San Francisco in September but I'll be seeing them again soon - it turns out that Conan is a groomsman at a wedding I'm photographing at the end of this month!

Janet + Ishaan: Stanford engagement session

Janet and Ishaan both attended Stanford University so it was a perfect pick for their engagement photos.  I'm not at all familiar with the Stanford campus so I was excited to check it out.  Janet and Ishaan had picked really lovely locations and we even hopped a fence to get a few shots on the golf course.  (Shhhh, you are sworn to secrecy.) First the Stanford Red Barn...

Then a pretty lake...

And then one of the many beautiful buildings...

I was adjusting my camera settings and just happened to catch Janet and Ishaan practicing their moves.


No doubt everyone knows about the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  It's easy to feel helpless in these situations but making a donation really does help.  Any amount.  And it's so easy - as easy as sending a text message.  Below are links to organizations that I have personally donated to or that have been recommended to me.  Please, just take one brief moment out of your day and give what you can. Partners in Health - this organization has been providing health care in Haiti for over 20 years

American Red Cross - donate $10 to Haiti relief by texting “Haiti” to 90999

Yele - text “Yele” to 501501, which will automatically donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund

Catching my breath

It's been chilly these past few days and it's really starting to feel like winter.  At least San Francisco's version of winter.  We don't have snow storms and icy roads to contend with but it's the perfect weather for hats and gloves, cozy nights by the fire, hot chocolate, and a great excuse to buy a new coat. Still, I don't quite have time for all of that yet.  My last wedding of the year is Saturday; my very dear friend is flying in from KC to help me and then next week I am off to Breckenridge, Colorado to attend the wedding of another very good friend.  You might remember her Tahoe engagement session and I also did a boudoir session with her but it's under wraps until she gives the album to her very luck husband-to-be.  The hubby is staying home and I'm going with a girlfriend so hijinks will surely ensue.  And it's my first snowboarding trip of the season so come on weather, make some snow!  In between all that I am doing 2 family sessions and working like crazy on album designs.  Dear personal life, where have you gone and when are coming back to me?

This is my long way of saying that the blog might be quiet for the next few weeks.  What's that you say?  Hasn't it already been pretty quiet?  Indeed it has.  But I'll catch up and I have lots of great photos to share.  In the meantime, maybe this photo of my sweet girl, on a sunny day that wasn't so long ago will help warm you up.


M. {san francisco boudoir photography}

It can be hard to pick shots that don't reveal a client's identity because usually the best shots DO show their beautiful faces.  However, I have great respect for the privacy of all of my clients and tend not to show much of my boudoir work here on my blog.  You can expect some changes in the new year when I'll launch a site dedicated to my boudoir photography.  In the meantime, don't be shy; get in touch if you are interested in a session!