Catching my breath

It's been chilly these past few days and it's really starting to feel like winter.  At least San Francisco's version of winter.  We don't have snow storms and icy roads to contend with but it's the perfect weather for hats and gloves, cozy nights by the fire, hot chocolate, and a great excuse to buy a new coat. Still, I don't quite have time for all of that yet.  My last wedding of the year is Saturday; my very dear friend is flying in from KC to help me and then next week I am off to Breckenridge, Colorado to attend the wedding of another very good friend.  You might remember her Tahoe engagement session and I also did a boudoir session with her but it's under wraps until she gives the album to her very luck husband-to-be.  The hubby is staying home and I'm going with a girlfriend so hijinks will surely ensue.  And it's my first snowboarding trip of the season so come on weather, make some snow!  In between all that I am doing 2 family sessions and working like crazy on album designs.  Dear personal life, where have you gone and when are coming back to me?

This is my long way of saying that the blog might be quiet for the next few weeks.  What's that you say?  Hasn't it already been pretty quiet?  Indeed it has.  But I'll catch up and I have lots of great photos to share.  In the meantime, maybe this photo of my sweet girl, on a sunny day that wasn't so long ago will help warm you up.