How does it work?

Sessions can take place at your home, your favorite park or we can be more adventurous and head to your secret spot by the river (I promise I won’t tell) or go on your family’s favorite hike! It's your family's story; a piece of your everyday. All the beautiful little moments that make up your day. Your kids picking out their clothes or dragging around their favorite stuffie. Baking cookies and having tickle fights. Playing in the river or hiking in the mountains. It's you and your people in the place you feel most comfortable. Contact me and we can chat about the types of sessions and what would be a good fit for your family.

How much does it cost?

A family photo session is $595. Instead of session fees and digital file fees and you-forgot-to-smile fees (OK, I made that one up), you pay for the session and the high resolution digital files. Simple. Easy. Done. Sessions last about an hour and a half and within 2 weeks of your session you’ll end up with at least 30 beautiful images to print as you choose.

What’s included in a session?

The session (duh) plus styling help (if you need it) and all the best images. Images will be shared via an online gallery with both high resolution for printing and web size for sharing.

What about albums and prints?

If you are interested in professional prints or heirloom albums I would love to help you! Those aren’t included in the session fee but I promise it’s worth it to print your photos! Having something tangible in these times of insta-everything is so incredibly meaningful to your children, both now and in the future. My kids spend hours looking through our photo albums and I can definitely tell which ones are built to last.

Ashland Family Photographer